Help with Xfer from Unix to PC Dos

Help with Xfer from Unix to PC Dos

Post by ranesh mukherj » Sat, 24 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hi there,
Can anyone please suggest / tell me how I can transfer a file (foxbase type) from
an old Unix / Xenix system to my PC so I can access the database?
It seems certain files are missing from the Unix Machine and I cannot get
the file to it's drive 'A'.

Any utility, comments etc will be very gladly received.

Thanks very much!



1. PC file Xfer help

We are running the UnixWare Application Server (1.1) at a central
office and want to receive Word Perfect files from approx. 50+
branch offices across the state that have PCs.  I was thinking that
the most cost effective way to do this is for the central office
Application Server to use UUCP after hours (using modems and dial up
lines) to transfer the WP files from the unattended PCs.

Another alternative we have discussed is using PromComm Plus on the
PCs and having the Unix system dial (using "cu") the PCs (who whould
have to be in "host" mode) and do a file transfer using Zmodem.  I
would think UUCP would be a better solution.

We also have a Novell 3.11 at the central office and it is on the
same LAN as the Application Server.  I assume that the UUCP route
using UnixWare would be the best solution.

I have heard that UUCP is avaliable for PC's but I don't know where
to get it or what the PC hardware & software requirements are.  If
a public domain version is avaliable, I would like to know where
to find it and to how it compares to any commercial versions.  If
you have this information or if you have implemented this type of PC
file transfer using Unix or NewWare, I would appreciate hearing

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