(Unix) any device independent file for graphics?

(Unix) any device independent file for graphics?

Post by Cheng Jiun Yu » Mon, 28 Jun 1993 15:01:37

I have a set of data that describe several 3-D rectangles.
I will like to print those rectangles based on my data, perhaps with
some words describing those rectangles.
I know LaTeX,TeX supports .dvi files for Text or maybe lines and rectangles.
So I wonder if there is any format of files that I can use so that some
programs will read it and print the graphics the data represents to the
printer. Hopefully those file formats are device independent.

What I can do now is to print the bitmap represented graphics through X-Window

See, I have to run X-Window every time I want to print the graphics.


(Unix) any device independent file for graphics?

Post by Richard Moo » Wed, 30 Jun 1993 05:50:50

You could output to the computer graphics metafile format ( CGM ).
Also postscript will do 2D stuff.


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Wanted:  a terminal-independent approach to graphics, like termcap, on
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Some time ago, I heard about an effort to come up with a graphcap
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simple graphics on my terminal.  Is there such a thing?  Failing that,
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