threads packages: kernel threads vs. user threads

threads packages: kernel threads vs. user threads

Post by Neil Zanell » Thu, 06 Mar 2003 15:39:21


There seem to be other C or C++ language compatible thread packages
besides the standard POSIX 1003.1-2001 thread-related system calls.
For instance Qt implements some thread class code. I would imagine
that implementations which use kernel threads as opposed to user
threads would be based on the POSIX calls. Is this correct? What
other thread packages are available besides the POSIX ones? Just
speculating. Which packages are kernel thread based and which
ones are user thread based?

Thank you for your feedback,



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I got a question concerning the pthread implementation in Linux.
Well, I have all the world telling me pthread for linux is a user-space
thread model, but when I ran a multi-threaded app on linux and turn
on top, I remember seeing multiple copies of the same process on the
process list so a scheduler sees each thread as a process and schedule
it accordingly. But is this what I am supposed to expect from a kernel
thread implementation?

Jimmy Zhang

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