announcement of patch 5 to gawk 2.15

announcement of patch 5 to gawk 2.15

Post by Arnold D. Robbi » Fri, 20 May 1994 10:36:00

This is to announce the release of patch 5 for gawk version 2.15.  Gawk
(GNU awk) provides a superset of POSIX awk, a pattern scanning and
data manipulation language.

The relevant part of the NEWS file is appended below.  This version is
available as gawk-2.15.5.tar.gz in /pub/gnu on (or one
of the mirror sites in the appended list).  Updates from 2.15.4 are in
gawk-2.15.4-2.15.5.diffs.gz. Note that the update file is a shell
script that removes some files (ok, just one file :-), and runs patch
for you.

documentation for other addresses to use if you are addressing problems
specific to a non-Unix version of gawk.

I would like to thank the following people for their help in producing
this patch. All of them worked very hard, and I could not have done
this without them.

David Trueman   - Unix mainline code
Pat Rankin      - VMS
Michal Jaegermann - Atari and NeXT
Darrell Hankerson - OS/2 and DOS
Scott Deifik    - DOS
Kai Uwe Rommel  - OS/2
Rick Adams      - for stress testing (over 655,000 news articles processed!)
Mark Moraes     - for testing with tools unavailable to me
Kaveh Ghazi     - for compiling on ump* different Unix systems.
Miriam Robbins  - for her patience, and for sharing me with the computer.

For the last patch, I said:

        "This is the last patch to 2.15.  Any reported bugs in 2.15 will
        be fixed in 2.16."

This time I mean it.  A ton of serious and also subtle bugs have been fixed.
This release should be stable for some time.

Work on 2.16 proceeds. It will support GNU autoconf, and a few new features.
The FUTURES file has more detail.  I have scaled back my ambitions with an
eye to actually getting 2.16 done. There is no schedule for it yet.

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Changes from 2.15.4 to 2.15.5

FUTURES file updated and re-arranged some with more rational schedule.

Many prototypes handled better for ANSI C in protos.h.

getopt.c updated somewhat.

test/Makefile now removes junk directory, `bardargtest' renamed `badargs.'

Bug fix in iop.c for RS = "". Eat trailing newlines off of record separator.

Bug fix in Makefile.bsd44, use leading tab in actions.

Fix in field.c:set_FS for FS == "\\" and IGNORECASE != 0.

Config files updated or added:
        cray60, DEC OSF/1 2.0, Utek, sgi405, next21, next30, atari/config.h,

Fix in io.c for ENFILE as well as EMFILE, update decl of groupset to
include OSF/1.

Rationalized printing as integers if numbers are outside the range of a long.
Changes to node.c:force_string and builtin.c.

Made internal NF, NR, and FNR variables longs instead of ints.

Add LIMITS_H_MISSING stuff to and awk.h, and default defs for
INT_MAX and LONG_MAX, if no limits.h file. Add a standard decl of

Fix tree_eval in awk.h and r_tree_eval in eval.c to deal better with
function parameters, particularly ones that are arrays.

Fix eval.c to print out array names of arrays used in scalar contexts.

Fix eval.c in interpret to zero out source and sourceline initially. This
does a better job of providing source file and line number information.

Fix to re_parse_field in field.c to not use isspace when RS = "", but rather
to explicitly look for blank and tab.

Fix to sc_parse_field in field.c to catch the case of the FS character at the
end of a record.

Lots of miscellanious bug fixes for memory leaks, courtesy Mark Moraes,
also fixes for arrays.

io.c fixed to warn about lack of explicit closes if --lint.

Updated missing/strftime.c to match posted strftime 6.2.

Bug fix in builtin.c, in case of non-match in sub_common.

Updated constant used for division in builtin.c:do_rand for DEC Alpha
and CRAY Y-MP.

POSIXLY_CORRECT in the environment turns on --posix (fixed in main.c).

Updated srandom prototype and calls in builtin.c.

Fix awk.y to enforce posix semantics of unary +: result is numeric.

Fix array.c to not rearrange the hash chain upon finding an index in
the array.  This messed things up in cases like:
        for (index1 in array) {
                if (index2 in array)    # blew away the for

Fixed spelling errors in the man page.

Fixes in awk.y so that
        gawk '' /path/to/file
will work without core dumping or finding parse errors.

Fix main.c so that --lint will fuss about an empty program.
Yet another fix for argument parsing in the case of unrecognized options.

Bug fix in dfa.c to not attempt to free null pointers.

Bug fix in builtin.c to only use DEFAULT_G_PRECISION for %g or %G.

Bug fix in field.c to achieve call by value semantics for split.

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