Daylight saving time methods?

Daylight saving time methods?

Post by Zack » Wed, 17 Oct 2001 00:31:18

Hello all,

Does any one know a method under IRIX that would get the current year
Daylight saving date?

Thank you.


Daylight saving time methods?

Post by Logan Sh » Wed, 17 Oct 2001 05:58:10

>Does any one know a method under IRIX that would get the current year
>Daylight saving date?

One way is to call time() and record the result.  Then call localtime()
on the result and record the hour/minute.

Then add 86400 (== 24 * 60 * 60) to the time, call localtime() again,
and see if the hour/minute changed.  Stop if either it did change
or the year changed.

If the year changed first, start at the initial point again but try
subtracting 86400 repeatedly instead (in other words, go backwards from
the current date instead of forwards).

Unfortunately, this does not tell you on what day the time change
happens.  It just tells you some 24-hour period during which it
happens.  But you can do a sort of modified binary search to find the
exact time.  You'd pick a time before the time change and two offsets
to add to it (one is zero and the other is 86399); then you do a binary
search for the right offset.

A further difficulty is that the time changes more than once in a year,
and it's at least possible that it might change more than twice.

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