SCCS to RCS ??? Pl. Advice

SCCS to RCS ??? Pl. Advice

Post by Ravi Kum » Mon, 11 Jul 1994 08:11:24


        I have decided to shift from SCCS to RCS. My directory is littered with
millions of SCCS directories. Is there any way to convert SCCS to RCS?? I know
I can sccs get -rx.x and ci them into RCS and I can probably write a shell
script to do it, but is there an easier way??

Ravi Kumar

PS: Opinions are all mine.


1. Advice: use RCS or SCCS?

I would like to know the major difference between RCS and SCCS
because I am about to set up a small software project (~16klines,
about 3 users).

There will be a couple of users (on a Unix system, of course)
writing/modifying code.  I would like to have the source code
distributed through a couple of subdirectories to better
illustrate the modularity of the code.  We all need read, write,
create, modify type permissions.

Since both RCS and SCCS is avaible, I can freely choose either
one.  To me, they both seem to do more or less the same thing.

What criterion is important to select between the two?  Is one
much easier to setup/use/administer?  Is one better for large
software projects?

Guy Lemieux

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