Why X libraries are not reentrant?

Why X libraries are not reentrant?

Post by Hong F » Sat, 16 Jan 1993 08:21:28

Hi, everybody:

I have a short question, What is 'reentrant'? and Why X libraries are not
reentrant?, i.e. no signal handler in CallBack. If you have a answer,


Hong Fan


1. Same lib.so for reentrant and non-reentrant progs

Hi Folks,
I am trying to build a dynamic library to replace both a static library
which supports legacy code, and a collection of the same routines which
has been recompiled with _REENTRANT defined to support some new code.
My problem is that the legacy code would need to use the non-reentrant
version of the routines, and the new code needs the reentrant versions.
How can I include both versions in the library, and assure that the
correct version is used in each case?
Does anyone know how the standard C library does this?  I don't see any
filters when I use "ldd", and I really don't want things to get that
complex if I can avoid it.
I am using Solaris 2.6, gcc, and the Solaris "ld" command.

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