How much free heap memory?

How much free heap memory?

Post by Brian Modr » Sat, 18 Nov 1995 04:00:00

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Does anyone have experience with mallinfo() on Solaris?
I'm trying to use malloc(3X) rather than malloc(3C) because 3X is more
space eficient, and it allows me to query the remaining space using
mallinfo(). The problem I am having though, is that the "new" command in
C++ calls malloc() for me, and I think it must be getting the wrong
malloc(), because it coredumps. I've included -lmalloc after all the
objects, and added it after all the libararies too just for good
measure, but it coredumps. Any clues?

Does anyone know an alternate method of finding out how much heap memory
is available?

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