SUN Solstice X.25 9.2 & NLI

SUN Solstice X.25 9.2 & NLI

Post by kosulli.. » Sun, 28 Jan 2001 03:22:10

I am developing an app to talk to one or more hosts over X25. I'm using
Solstice X.25 9.2, and NLI.

I'm trying to understand the correlation between the stream handles
from an open command ( fd = open("/dev/x25", O_RDRW) ) and the
connection ID ( returned in xccnff.conn_id ).

I want to open one stream, and establish five connections over this
stream (using putmsg(xcallf) and getmsg(xccnff)).

But, when I issue a getmsg() to get data off the stream, how can I tell
which connection the data is for. There is no conn_id element in the
xdataf structure?

Thanks in advance,
If I want five concurrent connections, do I have to issue five open()
calls and keep five different stream handles.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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1. Solstice X.25 9.2 Link status: LAPB Link 0 is in state ADM

Hy all,

I have a problem when I am trying to start the x.25 network.

I have a temporary license, so I have to install a new valid license
file each month. It has always worked fine until now. This last time,
when I pulled down the Network Menu (of the x25tool) and clicked on
Start X.25, I checked that the link status (using linkstate
application) was in the following state (instead of the NORMAL state):
Mon Oct 24 09:52:28 2005: LAPB Link 0 is in state ADM

Do you know what should be the problem? How can I resolve it?

Thank you very much

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