'-i' option for 'cp' and 'mv'

'-i' option for 'cp' and 'mv'

Post by Philip Che » Wed, 31 Oct 1990 02:46:16

I am using a system running System V on a 386 machine.  In 4.3 bsd, 'cp'
and 'mv' have the option '-i' which will warn me if the file exists.
In the system I am using, only 'rm' has such an option.   I would like to change
it so that '-i' will work for 'cp' and 'mv' as well.  Can someone tell me how to
do it?

Many thanks



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I just got Linux operational on my PC last week, however, I am
seeing the following bugs.  1.  The mv command will sometimes
remove the file from where it was (correct) but the file will
not exist in the new directory where it was supposed to be moved
to.  That is, the system doesn't see it in the new directory.  I
am using a umsdos filesystem with the 1.3.45 kernel on a scsi disk,
and I can read the file from dos.  However, linux cannot access the
file at all after the mv.  This bug happens intermittently.

2.  The chmod command doesn't work at all.  After the command is
issued (on any file) There is a "--linux-.---" file added to my
directory, and the files that get touched get renamed to bizarre
filenames, for example, I had a file "separator.cc" that got
changed to "separato.{_s".  The permissions were not changed at

Is the kernel + umsdos + scsi disk the problem?  Has anyone seen
anything like this before???  I can be reached by email at

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