passing of TCP-connection to a child process possible?

passing of TCP-connection to a child process possible?

Post by Gien » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 03:21:32

Is it possible to pass a TCP-Connection to a child process if it shares
the fathers' data segment?

I have a rather simple job, which could be done parallel to
the main routine, so I just want to fork a child process, which calles
a function to do the job and then exits.

for example:

   int s;

   s = socket ( AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0 );
   connect ( s, addr, 0 );

   switch ( pid = fork() ) {

      case 0:  do_io_on_socket ( s );

      default:  do_something_else();


Will this work?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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For doing a 'per-user'-accounting of TCP/IP-connections passing our
gateway to 'the world' I need to trace back from detected connections to
the processes which initiated them.
The only known and tried way was to read the 'protocol-control-blocks'
of the current connections from kernel and extract the socket via the
socket-pointer in this structure. The receive/send-queues of the socket
contain a process-pointer which allows access to a 'process-table'-entry
with all needed information (UID,SUID,PID...).
This works fine at telnet- and X-connections, but doesn't work at ftp and
other types of tcp-connections (why not ?).
So there has to be a better way, does anybody know one ???
Any hints are wellcome :-)

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