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Hey there everyone.

Starting writing in C lately and already i'm stuck.  I'm trying to
manipulate processes, ya know waiting for time t, starting one after time t
(don't really want to put the process on the evetn queue though) and also to
create a timer (which serves the clock interrupt) function of some sort
which does the following things:
 (i)   to maintain the timer event queue
(ii)  to give some fairness to processes via round robin scheduling
(iii) to keep a count of the total ticks so far  (time of da)
(iv)  provide a heartbeat sign of life via the scroll lock LED

Any chance on any of you assisting me in writing these functions.

Any help would be much appreciated, you can even email me on

Cheers in advance to all u 'C' techies out there (i will b one one day - he
says hoping).


Gareth Somerford
Web Developer


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# command /dev/hda1
process         file                    date    time    read/write

process1        /var/log/log.log        15.12.2002 22:12:23     write
process2        /home/me/file           15.12.2002 22:13:12     read




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