FREE - C/BASE 4GL Database/Develpment Kit!

FREE - C/BASE 4GL Database/Develpment Kit!

Post by Andy Gar » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Try C/BASE 4GL - from Conetic Software Systems, Inc.
(its fast...., its cost effective "cheap"..., its proven!)

Conetic offers a Demo Development Kit FREE for both Linux and FreeBSD.
The Demo Kit includes C/BASE 4GL Development System, C/BASE Utilities
(advance C libraries "API") and C/BASE Intenational Utilities (lanuage
functions).  The Demo kits are restricted to 1000 records per database
table/data file and 2 concurrent users.  

Need a World-Wide-Web database server. --- C/BASE 4GL is the answer.

C/BASE applications and "data" are fully portable across hardware
platforms.  C/BASE supports cross-platform record and file locking

C/BASE 4GL runs on DOS/Windows, SCO UNIX, SOLARIS, AIX, UnixWare, BSDI/OS,
FreeBSD and Linux. etc.....

For more information about Conetic Software products check out Conetic's
home page at:

The FREE DEMO KIT can be download

        via the WEB at:

        via FTP at:   (anonymous ftp)
                        /pub/README   (Linux Readme)


-Andy Garza


1. FREE! C/BASE 4GL Database Development Kit.

FREE!!  C/BASE 4GL Database Development Kit.

Conetic Software-- is offering a FREE copy of C/BASE 4GL for the
Linux 1.1 operating system. The Linux Demo is 3.3 megabits.

C/BASE 4GL features a powerful application development tool and database engine.
It features a visual development environment, a scripting language, and
application libraries with a C language (API) interface.  All of this makes
C/BASE 4GL easy to learn and easy to use, but also powerful enough for all of
your serious programming projects.

The best thing about C/BASE 4GL is that you can run your resulting code on a
multitude of platforms without a single code change or data conversion.  That's
right, develop under Linux and run under the Windows GUI.  Or try a text-based
run under UNIX or DOS.  It's your choice.

All that power?  All of that flexibility?  For FREE???  You got it.  It's a lot
like free money.  Try it.  You'll like it.

Your free copy of C/BASE 4GL is set to run for a maximum of 2 concurrent users
and 1,000 records.  Please contact us if you'd like a taste of even more power
and programming fun.

The C/BASE 4GL FREE LINUX Development Kit can be found at:

        or     via anonymous ftp at /pub/CBASE_linux_r004.tar.gz

Installation Notes can be found at:


For more information please contact:
Conetic Software Systems, Inc.
1012 Navarro
San Antonio, Texas 78205-3806

VOICE: (210) 225-5185
SALES: (800) 541-4580
FAX: (210) 271-0844


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