Multi-user development source code control tool?

Multi-user development source code control tool?

Post by Carpe Di » Sat, 18 Feb 1995 00:55:05

We have a small team starting a project, and need a multi-user source code
control system for OSF/1.  I am aware of RCS, but I've heard there are packages
that build upon it.  One mentioned was CVS, but I know nothing about it
(including it's location).

Can someone who's familiar with some of these tools point me in the right
direction and give some brief advice?



1. Distributed Development Source Code Control?

What mechanisms/tools do you use for source code control when there are
multiple instances of the source code (i.e. several copies on one or
more machines)?

I've heard rumors of a front-end to RCS, but don't know anything about

summarize to the net if there is sufficient expressed interest.
(Please forgive me if this was recently discussed or is a FAQ; we have
a tight expire period, and I don't read this group as often as I



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