Intel 14.4 ext/int modem

Intel 14.4 ext/int modem

Post by Wayne Dav » Wed, 26 Jan 1994 05:29:42

MB>I believe the box was labelled "Intel 14.4i/14.4".  Supposed to include
  >FAX software.
MB>Anyone used one of these things?  How about an opinion?

I bought the 14400EX from Egghead.  It works just fine for me. I call an
INTERNET server with it, and several local BBS's, no problems to report.

Will probably go to ZyXEL when they adopt the v.34 proto.  BUT ZyXEL's
are quite expensive in comparison.

I think you will be happy with it.  I heard Egghead is selling them so
low because they purchased 60,000 of them!

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1. Is Intel 14.4 fax modem compatible w/ Linux??

Hi there,

I called Egghead Software to check on some modems. They have
the Intel 14.4 fax modem on sale for $99 internal ($119 ext).
The salesperson I spoke to said there was note saying that
the modem would not work under Unix. I am not quite sure
what this means. I know at least one person on the net mailed
me saying he was using an Intel modem with his Linux box (in
fact he was the one who told me they were on sale at Egghead).

Has anyone else used this modem successfully with their Linux
box? I would be very interested in hearing your experience with
it. Egghead also has the Zoom 14.4 v.32 v.42 internal fax modem
for $90. I would like to know more about this one too. Which one
would you buy?

Some other Egghead prices (fax modems):
USR Sportster 14.4 - $110/$130
Practical Peripherals 14.4 - $120/$130

Please write back to my email address. Thanks...

<A HREF="">Vinay Gupta</A> or <p>
<A HREF="">Finger Home</A><p>

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