RPC unknown protocol problem

RPC unknown protocol problem

Post by Ricardo Jam » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

I was trying to do programming with RPC.
I followed the example in the following page:
I got the rpcgen and the C code compiled fine.  
the server(the callee program) seems to run fine.  However when I run
the caller program it will complain about "RPC: unknown protocol"
I do have the portmap running.  do I need to add something to the
/etc/rpc file?
BTW, I'm using Linux Slackware 7.0 to run this code.
Ricardo Jamin


1. RPC: Unknown protocol ???

Hi Netters, RPC guru's, and Norwegian Folklore Specialists,

This is quite a trivial question for a RPC Guru, but it is
breaking my program!

I wrote a small RPC "hello world" program, and it compiled!!
I followed the example like a good programmer should, but when I
started the client I get the error: RPC Unknown protocol.

Could this be a Norwegian (elf, nolm)? What were those little
creatures that come out of the snow, you know, the ones that you
should consult if you are going to build a barn in Norway?

Any help on these matters will be greatly appreciated.

Lawrence Hutson

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