Mailorder For Programming books (Q)

Mailorder For Programming books (Q)

Post by Erik. A Speckm » Thu, 09 Sep 1993 12:53:47

I am looking for a discount source for C and UNIX programming books via

I am not looking for any * titles, just low prices and reasonable
service.  Any pointers would be apreciated.

Please respond via e-mail.


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1. Summary: Mailorder Books.

A few days ago I posted a request for information on discount mail-order
sources for programming books.

Many of the replies I received were from people wanting to know what I
found out.  Rather than reply via e-mail I decided to post a summary here.

I only got pointers to two sources:

Cucumber Information Services Inc.  (800) 223-8649.

I only got a price on one book and it was not discounted.  However, they
do pay shipping if you pay in advance, or by credit card, so it may save you
the cost of sales tax.

15% discount across the board.  You pay $3.50 per book to ship UPS ground.
 Compuserve members who buy 4 books or more save half on shipping.  They
carry the complete line of O'Reily books.

Some people also mentioned a book club.  I think I have seen it advertised
in some of the UNIX rags and Byte.

I should also mention that some of the large computer retail chains have
good book prices.

Computer City has something like a 30% discount on books and magazines but
my experience is that their selection tends to be biased towards
DOS/Windows and away from more technical programming topics. (Lots of
Learning c for dummies and no K&R).

I have been told that CompUSA also sells computer books at a discount and
I expect their selection is similar to Computer Cities.

I have also found current editions of some of the books I have been after
in Used bookstores at very good prices but the pickings are pretty slim,
unless you are interested in old computer books.

If anyone else has suggestions for discount computer books I would
appreciate hearing them.


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