newbie lex question: parsing Postscript

newbie lex question: parsing Postscript

Post by Ronald A. Creamer J » Tue, 06 Apr 1993 09:11:16

I'm a newcomer to the lex tool, parsing Macintosh
generated postscript files for use on a UNIX print
spooler. Things like:

  "%%Title:"[^'\r']*          {printf("%s\n", yytext);}
  "%%Creator:"[^'\r']*        {printf("%s\n", yytext);}
  "%%For:"[^'\r']*            {printf("%s\n", yytext);}

and the like I want to send to stdout, I want to skip
over the rest or send it to /dev/null. In other words,
all that I want to appear on the output are these and
only these lines.

Currently, my printfs and even the stuff I don't want
appears in the output stream.
Is there a token I can put at the bottom of all these
to trap everything else and do a noop?

sed would be my first choice, but it chokes when it
doesn't see a \n in the input stream and gives up,
(Mac Postscript end of lines are just <cr>) thus the
matching up to [^'\r']* construct.

While we're at it. If anybody can point me to any ftp
site w/ Postscript job processing routines, it would
be greatly appreciated.

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still keeps going.  With yydebug on it looks like:

[Lots of yydebug stmts: shifts, reads, reduces, working correctly]
yydebug: state 14, reading 0 (end-of-file)
syntax error
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[Error recovery, then bails because yyparse returns 1]

I tried putting in a <<EOF>> state in the lexer, but it didn't
help, even though it was properly detected.  I must be missing
something stupid here -- help?

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