Error Message of Message Queue

Error Message of Message Queue

Post by Jeff Ch » Wed, 18 Aug 1993 11:49:16

  Dear netters,

  I have one question about message queue. Could anyone please do me a favor?

  I used UNIX message queue for interprocess communication. When I used  msgsnd
  function and IPC_NOWAIT argument, I will always get a error message:
  No more processes

  What does that mean? How does that happen?

  E-mail or post will be fine. Thanks in advance.

  Jeff Chen.


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I'm currently coding the communication routines for a university
assignment. I've decided to use message queues for the communications
but have no idea how to encode data structures into the strings to be
passed to the message queue..
I suppose this is more of a C programming question, but thought it
would be appropriate here since you guys would be familar with this
Can anyone give me some pointers or some source code to give me a head
I intend to send structs and arrays (most of which are <8k)..
Any help much appreciated!


|| David Vandenberg [ Azaram ]
|| Bachelor of Information Technology 3rd Year
|| University of Queensland, Australia

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