Solaris DLPI programming?

1. DLPI programs in dltest.tar

Hi! I'm using the programs in dltest.tar (the test progams accompanying
the "How to use DLPI" document by Neal Nuckolis) to set up a link
between two machines using the DLPI connectionless  primitives. The
source (sending) end works fine, but the destination (receiving end)
doesn't receive anything. I guess I'm doing something wrong somewhere,
but I'm not sure, and was hoping I could get some help from the
net-folks. I have been able to set up the connectionless service
previously, and I think I may be doing something differently this time.
Also, I may have had a slightly different version of the driver then,
but I don't think so.

What I tried was:

Machine 1: $ ./dlunitdatareq /dev/fddi 0 0 0:40:b:40:a8:62 0 10 100

Machine 2: $ ./dlrcv /dev/fddi 0 0

dlunitdatareq:  Usage:  ./dlunitdatareq device ppa localsap destphys destsap n

dlrcv:  Usage:  ./dlrcv [ -bp ] device ppa sap

(machine 2 has 0:40:b:40:a8:62 as it's fddi addr)

Am I doing something wrong here, or am I just using the wrong programs?
(I tried "tx" as well.)

Also, does anybody know of any site where I can find sample DLPI code
using connection-oriented primitives?

Any help would be really appreciated.



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