select() and Exceptional Conditions Pending: What to do?

select() and Exceptional Conditions Pending: What to do?

Post by Eskandar Ensa » Thu, 17 Feb 1994 03:28:50


I had a question about dealing with exceptions raised when using select().

I know that the select() call allows you to examine 3 conditions on a set of
file descriptors: (1) ready to be read, (2) ready to be written, and (3) an
exceptional condition is pending.

Here's my situation: I am using select() to decide when to read from a child
process created with fork() and exec(), in order to AVOID BLOCKING when the
pipe to my child process is not ready to be read.  The stdin and stdout of the
child are duplicated via dup2() to a pipe (created using pipe(), of course).
When an exceptional condition is raised on one end of the pipe, it has been my
experience that the child has terminated at that point -- is it safe to rely on
this fact or is it best to wait until read() returns 0 ?

Just what would you typically do when select() reports an exception pending on
a file descriptor -- what would be a prudent or logical response to this

Thanks in advance!  E-mail would be appreciated.

- Esk.

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