References on: RCS/SCCS and (N)Curses???

References on: RCS/SCCS and (N)Curses???

Post by Christian Nels » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 03:18:32

I'm looking for some good references (books, perhaps) for the
following subjects:

1) How to use a revision control system (in conjunction with c++).  I
want to to start using rcs/sccs, or maybe something else, on a unix
system for some c/c++ projects I'm working on.

I was thinking along the lines of one of the O'Reilly & Associates
books, but would like some input on other potentially good sources
(including text files).

2) Reference and Programming books on (n)curses.  I'm assuming there's
got to be some publications on this, or even (preferred) a good text
file version of the manuals.  Any information would be appreciated.

If there's anything that uses c++ as the language of example that'd
be great, but it's not required in any way.

Thanks for any information...

Christian 'shrub' Nelson  | Computer Scientist (ie: geek)


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        Geoff Rimmer, Computer Science, Warwick University, UK.

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