Programming a dial-in interface

Programming a dial-in interface

Post by Paul Blumste » Thu, 14 Jul 1994 10:46:58

I am writing a program on SUN O/S 4.1.3 to monitor a number of serial ports
for customers dialing in.  I've worked with comm software before, but
never dial-in.  I have a file that is similar to ttytab that tells me
which ports to configure.

So, basically, my program needs to monitor many ports waiting for a
dialin and then handle the connection while the customer is connected
and disconnected upon logout.  Note that these are not unix sessions that
the customer will be having; they will be talking to an application

I thought of using getty as a front-end, but rejected it for two
reasons: (1) There is one getty per port & I need to tie these things
together; (getty isn't easily adaptable to more than one port);  (2) I
want to send a modem init string upon port open so I can't use getty
directly.  (I do have source for an old getty that I can hack).

If you have a code snippet that is appropriate or some suggestions or
a program outline, I'd appreciate it.

        Thanks, in advance,
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read the FAQs and everything seems to be set up right.  What
am I doing wrong?  

[I'm running SLS 1.02 (0.99pl9).]
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