Gnu database database manager (gdbm)

Gnu database database manager (gdbm)

Post by Gian Donato Colus » Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:00:00

This probably is not group for this question but here it comes...

I've been working on a database program which uses the Gnu database
manager. I don't need to do any complex queries so, I though
that gdbm suits well. Now I have few problems (most because of my
code) and this question was forced to pop in my mind.

How good is gdbm?
Does it work with large databases?
What kind of experience do _you_ have of gdbm?
What if I want to do some complex queries? Is there any
free-to-use database systems on the net that would suit better?


-- Computer Science


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Hello all,
I am trying to figure out why when I created 4 extra state databases on
the second disk the metadb is saying that they are marked with "r".Which
means r - replica does not have device relocation information.

Here it is my senario. I have a V480 server with 2 disks and solaris 9
12/02 installed in the first disk.
I created 2 partitions in each disks slice6 and slice 7.
I create the meta database like this
metadb -a -f -c2 c1t0d0s6 c1t0d0s7
metadb -a -c2 c1t1d0s6 c1t1d0s7
and when I run metadb -i I see that in the state databases for the
second disk has the flug "r",all states has the flug "u".

Is this normal?


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