Curses problems

Curses problems

Post by Johannes Leveli » Sat, 22 Oct 1994 20:13:42

Hello out there,
In porting window facilities to SCM using the curses library,
I have coma along a few questions (PDCURSES2.1) :
(using DJGPP /DOS, but I think UNIX answers will fit as well)

1) How can I 'box' (border) a window and make the box not part of the
   window ? In my application the text (win->_y) displayed to the window
   overwrites the border (also part of win->_y), which is NOT what I want.
   I have thought up four possibilities :
   a) forget it
      -> if it can be done : no.
   b) write a routine that borders the window
      and makes no use of win->_y
      -> makes no sense if there are overlapping windows etc.
   c) when creating a window, create on 2 lines and columns bigger
      than wanted, draw a border, resize and reposition it.
      -> slow and makes no sense when windows overlap
   d) make use of 'box' and rewrite 'waddch'
      -> far too deep into internals/ machine dependant (?)

2) Same with window's title.

To summarize:
The border and title should be part of the window (refreshable and so on),
but not part of the text.

3) What's the meaning of the attributes A_ALTCHARSET and A_CHARTEXT ?
   In changing attributes, I found out that A_ALTCHARSET (128) is
   always set (at least on my machine).

4) Is there a way to make use of all combinations of colours
   (background and foreground) on an unlimited number of windows ?
   How ?
   (I think COULOUR_PAIR(x) is limited to x<COLORS).

Maybe dum questions, but I started programming in C a few weeks ago.




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Hi all,

When I try and compile a program using curses.h I only get a list of complaints
from gcc:
           ded.o Undefined symbol _initscr referencd from text segment
           ded.o Undefined symbol _stdscr referenced from text segment

                               (and so on).
Of course, I have -lcurses and -ltermcap in my Makefile (last on line). MY program
compiles just fine on my schools Ultrix system, but being a religeous Linux-
oid, I only want to do everything on Treehouse.

I am using gcc 2.2.2 (a?) with 0.96bpl2 kernel (from scsi dist) and termcap
from 0.95 rootdisk.

Thanks all....

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