Looking for source code mgmt tool

Looking for source code mgmt tool

Post by Mark Stuck » Sat, 16 Mar 1996 04:00:00

First of all, let me apologize if this isn't the proper group
for this question.  If it isn't, please point me to the correct
group.  I've checked various FAQs but didn't find what I'm looking

I'm looking for a tool to help me manage source code on multiple
machines / architectures.  I have a series of programs and utilities
that I have to port to various machines at different sites, some
of which aren't connected to any network (I have to physically go
there to install the software).

I have a local machine on which I keep a master copy of the latest
version of all the software.  After porting to a new machine or
architecture I want to bundle up all the new/different files so
that they can be installed in the master copy.

Someone mentioned RCS, but I don't think that this is exactly
what I'm looking for, plus I may be "forced" to install RCS on
machines that don't already have it.

I also found something called "coda", however from a quick glance
at some of the docs, it appears to assume that the machines are
connected to each other via a network.  I haven't had much time
to look at this package yet, so if I'm wrong, please let me know.

I've started writing a tool to help me find the different
files, but before I re-invent the wheel, I figured that I'd
post a message to see anyone could recomend a tool to do what
I want.  Any suggestions are wellcome, preferably via email,
but posted replies are fine as well.

Thanks in advance


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