term question

term question

Post by bspiko » Tue, 21 Oct 1997 04:00:00

You can use term or cu to dial the modem, but you should probably use PPP
to talk to your ISP.  HP should have documentation on PPP set up.  (Sun has
it for Solaris at their web site.)

Quote:> How do I connect from my workstation (HPUX) at work to my ISP through a
> modem?


1. Term questions

        I have been using term 1.14 for some time to connect to a Sun
workstation. For some reason I *have* to use a sevenout line from the
linux end and an sevenin line on the remote end. I can't really
understand why this is happening and have tried lots of settings but
nothing works. The wierd thing is that it used to work but suddenly

        My system configuration is a 486DX50, 8MB, Supra 14.4 v.32 bis
internal modem. I have the 1.0 version of the kernel which I built, with
some old SLS distribution. I think the remote end uses Zoom 14.4 modems
but I'm not sure. The remote server is called Annex, and I don't really
know much about it except that it can do SLIP.

        I also remember seeing a post about a program to compress X11
stuff so that you got much better performance when using txconn. I can't
remember the post, so if anyone has information I would really appreciate
it if they sent it to me, because X11 is soooo slow over the modem.

        By the way, is it nicer to use SLIP or term, I can get both
working reasonably well only I cannot run X11 over SLIP. Is it possible to
run X11 over SLIP?



Just want to say you guys have done a really *great* job with Linux. It's
amazing, I just wish I had more ram and hard disk space.

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