writing YACC-rules

writing YACC-rules

Post by Bert Aert » Fri, 21 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I'm writing a parser for quite a while now, but everytime I have
to extend the syntax, I bounce into errors that the parser
is reducing my token sequences always according to the
wrong rule - albeit a rule that has a strong resemblence
with the correct one.

The books I've learned it from explain how you can write
your syntax, but they don't give a methodology to follow
when writing fail-safe YACC-rules ( "fail-safe" just means
that the user provides the parser with a correct syntax ).

Suggestions are greatly appreciated,


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I'd like to use YACC and LEX twice in an executable. I'd like to read
two different file formats at different times in the program. I link
two objects, each created by yacc. The later object overwrites the
previous definitions.

Is there any way to make the yacc funtions unique?


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