Using GDB to debug a program that uses fork(2)?

Using GDB to debug a program that uses fork(2)?

Post by Tim Wy » Sat, 13 Feb 1993 06:08:34

This is driving me *nuts*.  I'm trying to use GDB to debug a
daemon which has a fork(2) call in it.  How do I tell
GDB to continue debugging the child after the parent process
dies?  I've looked in the manual, and didn't see anthing which
addresses this directly.

I tried to use "attach" on the running daemon, but when I
did, I got an error message saying "Can't attach to process
on this machine."

I'm working on a Silicon Graphics Indigo Elan, running
IRIX 4.0.5.  The GDB version is 4.7, compiled with

What am I doing wrong?  Any ideas?




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are you sure you always keep the width/height of the arrays
straight?  i ask because of this line of code:

    printf("Image size: Height %d Width %d\n",width,height);

and in the malloc_* routines, you refer to the dimensions as "x" and "y",
but in the write_image rourines you refer to them as "width" and
"height".  this probably makes it easy to confuse the two.

also, i noticed these things about your code:

+ don't cast the return values from malloc.  it can only hide errors.
just make sure to include <stdlib.h>.

+ don't cast the argument to free(), either.

to help yourself with the debugging, make a separate version of your
program that's as small as possible.  discard all the stuff that isn't
used for the case that produces the bug.  then see if the bug still

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