ANN: Availability of POSIX 1003.1 TC2 Draft 2

ANN: Availability of POSIX 1003.1 TC2 Draft 2

Post by Andrew Jos » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 18:10:09

I am pleased to announce the availability of draft 2 of
Technical Corrigendum Number 2 (TC2) to the Austin Group specifications
(aka IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (POSIX.1) and the Base Specifications
of the Single UNIX Specification Version 3).

TC2 Draft 2 contains all technical corrigenda candidate items arising from
agreed defect reports, interpretations and resolutions up to June 30 2003.
This document is circulated as a set of changes against the final
approved standard (page and line numbers are against the final standard
for both the 2003 and 2001 editions).

This is the second preliminary text for TC2 , it is a committee draft.
All feedback welcome, including improvements to the text (i.e.
please check draft line number references, please suggest rationale
text where it is not present, etc etc)

This is available from the Austin Group web site, you need
to login using your individual id and password at
(you can also subscribe at the same site)

A 28 day review is being held on this draft.  The review period
for TC2 Draft 2 commences July 1 2003 and completes on July 29
2003.  No IEEE, The Open Group or ISO balloting is occurring on
this draft. A teleconference meeting will be held if necessary
after July 29 to resolve any comments.

All interested parties are invited to review these comments and submit
comments directly to the Austin Group. Please use the Aardvark bug
format. Further information on bugreporting against these documents
can be found at For
aardvark bug reporting please use the following convention for naming
the document as follows: TC2-d2. Please note that since this document
is a single page of html, please give the page number as one.

Draft 3 is expected to contain additional technical corrigenda items
from the defect reports, interpretations and resolutions that remain
under discussion until the PAR is approved. We expect the cutoff to be
on 16 August 2003 after which no materials based on subsequent aardvark
filed after than date can be added.

Background information on Technical Corrigenda

A technical corrigenda item can change the meaning of the standard, as
such all technical corrigenda require formal approval by the sponsoring
organizations (usually through a formal ballot process).

The following are the criteria for a Technical Corrigenda (TC) item:

1. It has to be in the scope of the original Austin Group project. (see

2. It should be non-controversial ( a TC is intended to pass ballot at
the first attempt)

3. It contains no new APIs (functions/utilities), however it may add
enumeration symbol and non-function #defines and reserve additional

4. Typically a TC is used to fix contradictions between different parts
of the standard, add consistency between the standard and overriding
standards, and to fix security-related problems.

Andrew Josey                                The Open Group  
Austin Group Chair                          Apex Plaza,Forbury Road,
#include <std/disclaimer.h>                 Reading, UK.


1. FreeBSD Posix 1003.1 1996 implementations

Hello All,

I was quite surprised that my beloved FreeBSD servers didn't support
many of the newer (1996) Posix 1003.1 functions.

Not supported are for example:

- Asynchronous IO
- memory locking
- memory range locking
- named semaphores
- priority scheduling
- shared memory objects

The headers files seem to be there and from the comments in it, it seems
the support is (almost?) there.

Can anyone comment if people are actively working on it? Is it expected
to be ready in the near future?


Berend. (-:

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