Can the 'Collected Algorithms from CACM' be found in electronic format?

Can the 'Collected Algorithms from CACM' be found in electronic format?

Post by Tomas Will » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 10:40:20

Has anyone put together a collection, online, on disk, on any electronic
medium, of the revered 'Collected Algorithms from CACM'?  I would love to
get ahold of such a collection, as would many others, I'm sure.



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1. 'format' command algorithms

Does anyone know the algorithms and limitations that the 'format'
command uses when "autoconfiguring" SCSI disks, or anywhere I can
find this information?

For example, format sometimes "adjusts" the geometry for various
reasons, such as because it doesn't match the capacity as reported.
However, it often adjusts things in non-intuitive and dramatic
ways (for example, I've seen a report of its reducing a 'sectors
per track' value by a third for no obvious reason).

There also are (or have been) limitations on the maximum values
that can be used for certain fields. I've been told that it treats
'sectors per track' and 'physical cylinders' as 16-bit signed
numbers, effectively limiting their values to 32767. I suspect
this is no longer true in recent versions, but I'd like to know
the history of these limitations and at which releases or patches
they changed.

I've seen examples of format.dat entries for SCSI disks. Why are
these entries sometimes necessary, given that format should be
able to get all the required information from the disk?

Thanks for any information that anyone can offer.

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