C++ development environments on UNIX

C++ development environments on UNIX

Post by bbradle » Fri, 04 Feb 1994 02:36:57

I am currently involved in a project evaluating C++ development environments on UNIX platforms.

Some of the products we are looking at include:

C++ Softbench (HP)
ObjectCenter/TestCenter (CenterLine)
POWERBench C++ (IBM)
SPARCworks C++ (SunPro)

Does anyone have any comments from hands-on experience or research/evaluation regarding the above mentioned products?

I am interested in environments which increase productivity, and promote or enforce the use
of Object-Oriented concepts.

I am also interested in suggestions for other environments/tools to include in our evaluation.

Thanx in Advance :-)

Bruce Bradley


1. What C++ development environments are available for different unix platforms?

i.e. is there something like "Visual C++" running on
differen version of unix?
Thank in advance for your reply.


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