Sun's XDR routines won't work on Sun machines ...

Sun's XDR routines won't work on Sun machines ...

Post by Frank Hartl » Thu, 10 Sep 1992 22:43:13

... although they do on a NeXT.
Perhaps somebody can see an error in this code.


        BufferSize += 50000;
        Buffer = malloc (BufferSize);
        Offset = strlen (ARCHIVED) + strlen (Description) + 1 + 4;
        sprintf (Buffer, ARCHIVED "%s", Description);
        xdrmem_create (&Stream, Buffer + Offset, BufferSize - Offset, XDR_ENCODE);
        (in another function)
        if (Stream->x_op == XDR_ENCODE) {
                if (*Pointer != NULL) {
                        if (! xdr_bool (Stream, &NonNil))   <=== Bus error
                                return -1;
                        Next = 0;
                        if (DescriptionLoop (
                                Stream, Description, Descriptor, Pointer, &Next)
                            == -1)
                                return -1;

Some more info:
1.      The xdr_bool does the first write to the XDR stream, so it's very
        probable that something's wrong with the stream.
2.      The malloc for Buffer was ok, there should be enough memory for
        the stream.
3.      The Stream and NonNil variables seem to be ok, too.

I'm totally clueless. The routines have been heavily used on a NeXT without
any problem, but on a Sun4 (and IPX) they never make it beyond that point.

Any ideas are greatly apreciated.



Sun's XDR routines won't work on Sun machines ...

Post by Barry Margol » Fri, 11 Sep 1992 01:15:48

>        BufferSize += 50000;
>        Buffer = malloc (BufferSize);
>        Offset = strlen (ARCHIVED) + strlen (Description) + 1 + 4;
>        sprintf (Buffer, ARCHIVED "%s", Description);
>        xdrmem_create (&Stream, Buffer + Offset, BufferSize - Offset, XDR_ENCODE);

Someone just pointed out in comp.sys.sun.<something> that Sun's
implementation of the xdrmem_* functions require the buffer to be
word-aligned, as they make use of the "coincidence" that the XDR
representation of many data types matches the 68000/SPARC representation.
This restriction isn't documented.
Barry Margolin
System Manager, Thinking Machines Corp.


Sun's XDR routines won't work on Sun machines ...

Post by Casper H.S. D » Fri, 11 Sep 1992 22:02:05

>... although they do on a NeXT.
>Perhaps somebody can see an error in this code.

Funny, someone has exactly the same problems as you did, some days ago.

Quote:>        xdrmem_create (&Stream, Buffer + Offset, BufferSize - Offset, XDR_ENCODE);

This call is in error: Offset is not guaranteed to be a multiple of
4 bytes in your code, but the documentation says it should be.
Sun forgot to document that you should properly align the ``Buffer + Offset''
parameter on a 4 byte boundary. The Bus error is an alignment error
(Dbx will tell you as much). NeXTs don't require strict alignment,
but the code will run slower. The culprit is xdrmem_*long where
a char * is cast to a long *. For efficiency's sake, I expect that
Sun will change the documentation, not the code.

                                                |       Casper H.S. Dik


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