Simple Serial Port Communications?

Simple Serial Port Communications?

Post by Jeremy G. Merenes » Sun, 21 Feb 1993 06:22:08

I need to write a quick and dirty program that sends characters from one
workstation to another through modems. I have never made a program that had
to use the two serial ports in the back of this box. It may be really
simple, but I haven't found any clues in my manuals.

How does one set paramters like parity, speed, etc. and then send
characters either serial port A or B on the back of a sparc? What would be a
quick and dirty way of reading characters coming in through a serial port
and displaying them on a terminal?

I remember once having to modify /etc/ttyio in order to activate a serial
port for connection to a terminal. Is that necessary in this instance?

Thanks in Advance!

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