SUMMARY: Get hostname from IP address

SUMMARY: Get hostname from IP address

Post by Francisco X DeJes » Wed, 23 Dec 1992 03:28:04

A little over a week ago I posted to ask about some way (from the command
line) to get a hostname from an IP address. Here's the results:

A lot of people suggested using nslookup for this. The way to find out
the hostname associated with IP address A.B.C.D with this method is:


Quote:> set type=ptr

...this works, though it can be a bit tedious. Someone suggested the following
alias to make it simpler:

alias ptr  '( echo set q=PTR ; echo \!$:e.\!$:r:e.\!$:r:r:e.\!$ ) | nslookup'

...then, typing "ptr A.B.C.D" from your prompt gives you back the answer
(assuming you had nslookup running to begin with).

I also got a few pointers to a couple of programs out there that may be
handy to have installed: "dig", "host", and "hname" (consult your nearest
archie server). Finally, I received source code in C and Perl for programs
that do the same thing (drop me a line if you want 'em).

Thanks to everyone who replied...


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Could someone direct me to a good resource for network programming. I

need a simple routine that will return the hostname/IP address of the

connecting computer.  This is before a login/authentication takes place,

so there is no utmp entry, only the network connection.  A good book with

good examples would be very helpful.


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