Help needed with Unix research project

Help needed with Unix research project

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If you are a System administrator able to help us with a research
project please read on.  We are collecting data for research towards
developing an active help system for the Unix tcsh.  To this end, we
collect the following information.

1. Data indicating a self-identification of a user's skill level
2. Accounting log indicating the commands the user gave, including
   exit statuses.

At our site, we run the following script upon login for every user
from /etc/csh.login.

>echo "
>You are being invited to assist in a research project concerned with
>the development of an active help system for Unix.  At this stage we
>are wishing to determine what help users with different levels of
>expertise in Unix might require.  If you agree to take part, your use
>of the Unix system will be monitored.  This data will not be used for
>any other purpose, and will remain confidential.  Individual users
>will not be identifiable from this analysis.

>Which category below best describes your current level of expertise
>with Unix?  Please re-evaluate this at each login.

> Novice         -- Very little experience and don't know how to get help.
> Intermediate   -- Some experience. Can use 'man' command to get help.
> Expert         -- Very experienced - Unix is 'a piece of cake'.

> Quit           -- Don't want to participate in survey.
>while :
>  echo -n 'Please identify your skill level (N,I,E,Q):'
>  read lev
>  case $lev in
>    [NIEnie])    echo $lev:$user:$tstamp: >>$LOGFILE
>              echo Thanks.
>              break ;;
>    [Qq])        break ;;
>  esac

Also we run the accounting process which gives us the command log in
/usr/adm/pacct which we extract using lastcomm.

As we are only able to run it on one machine here and it is not as
heavily used at the moment, we would like to obtain this data from as
many sites as possible.  If you are willing to help us in this matter,
we would appreciate such data gathered at your site for a short period,
hopefully up to a week.

Your assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated and
acknowledged in our reports and publications.  Of course, all data
will be held strictly confidential and only used for statistical

Many thanks for your help in advance.

- &

Anand Venkt Raman                 Ph: +64-6-350-4186, 355-0062 (a/h)
Dept of Computer Science          Fx: +64-6-350-5611


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