How to automount an NFS?

How to automount an NFS?

Post by Terry Asher alias - The Pengu » Thu, 24 Dec 1992 07:13:02

   I am trying to automount on /stl.  When I give the
command automount -f auto -M /stl and then cd to /stl and say ls I get nothing.
My auto file in /etc looks like this:
/stl           -ro   
I have also tried the command:
automount -M /stl and still no go.
   I want to automount rather than mount because if wuarchive goes down then
it adversely affects my Unix system.  Thanks for any help.

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How does this happen?

maximus> ls /nfs/alaric/..
ls: /nfs/alaric/..: Permission denied

alaric is a host, and /nfs is the automap directory for hosts.  Everything
in /nfs/alaric is visible just fine, except for alaric/..

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