Question about selection of user interface/database software

Question about selection of user interface/database software

Post by Shelton C. Johnson J » Thu, 26 Sep 1991 14:20:47

We are looking for a user interface design package with a "paint" style
interface to create a user interface for a database application we are
currently developing with db_VISTA III.  The target development and
runtime environment is Interactive Unix Release 2.2.1.

The package must support character-based interfaces, should not have
a vendor-specific language (like a 4GL), and must not have royalties
or any other run-time charges when screens designed with it are
included with our application.  Other desirable qualities include:  
DOS support, support for Motif (with, at most, a recompile), and of course,
a reasonable price.

The products we are currently considering are Vermont Views and C-Scape,
but we are interested in any others which provide similar functionality.
We have also seen some literature concerning dANALYST Gold, but it seems
to promise everything and we are not sure exactly what it DOES and if it
will even do what we require.

The questions are:
        1. What exactly is dANALYST Gold?  Will it do what we want?

        2. What experiences have you had with Vermont Views, C-Scape,
        and dANALYST Gold?  How do these products compare?

        3. Are there any other products which could provide for our
        needs (as described above)?

        4. Are there any products which we should avoid?

Any information you could provide to us could be extremely useful and
we would appreciate your help.  Thanks.

Paul Mickelson
Software Design Engineer
AmeriCom Corporation, Atlanta



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