Application programmer in San Francisco area.

Application programmer in San Francisco area.

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Posted for a friend.  Please respond to the address given

Full time position as application programmer in small hi-tech firm.

        We are involved in the design and development of applications
for cutting edge visual research.  The implementation of these
applications requires skills and familiarity with both hardware
and software. This includes low level programming of data
acquisition and video boards, data and signal analysis
programming, and  high level development of graphical user

        At this point there is an opening for a person with skills in
graphical user interfaces and data analysis. You would be involved
with both design and implementation within a small development

PLATFORM: Power Macintosh. Development tools: CodeWarrior.

        CS/EE BS or MS
        Experience in C++
        Experience with graphical user interfaces
        Familiarity with Power Macintosh programming.
        Familiarity with Macintosh frameworks
                (e.g. MacApp / PowerPlant).

        Strong background in digital signal processing.
        Familiarity with CodeWarrior.

COMPANY BACKGROUND: The company is Electro Diagnostic Imaging (EDI) and is
located in the beautiful Pacific Heights area of San Francisco.

If you are a motivated, self-starting individual with the required skills,
and would be interested in working with innovative visual research on the
Power Macintosh platform, please send your CV to Dr. Erich Sutter.

     Fax:      415 599 9537

     Mail:     P.O.Box 4497 Burlingame, CA 94011


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