Performance Analysis SW

Performance Analysis SW

Post by Larry Carro » Sun, 09 Jun 1991 06:22:49

I have a program ("editimage") from University of New Mexico (part of their
Khoros system) which reads an image file & displays it for interactive
viewing, processing, & editing (overlaying another image, drawing simple
pictures on top of the image, etc.).

It does this under the X windows system, & some of our images are huge: 4 to
20 MBytes.  Since there's only 16 MBytes of memory on our workstations, some
kind of virtual memory has to be employed.  What I'd like to do is run
performance evaluation of 'editimage' with different image sizes.  Does
anyone know of public domain software that does this?


1. Need Suggestions for SW performance/analysis tools

Specifically, tools that can monitor system activity such as
memory swapping, CPU utilization, SCSI activity, cache hits,
network activity between 2 nodes, etc.

I realize some of this info is available via netstat,vmstat,iostat, etcstat..
but I'm looking for real-time monitoring of our SW in hopes of
characterizing the system/SW and where it gets bogged down.


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