How to get the list of IPC IDs?

How to get the list of IPC IDs?

Post by Su Cha » Thu, 20 Jun 1996 04:00:00

        I am doing some system programming on SunOS and Solaris systems.
I would like to implement "ipcs" using system calls, e.g., via
"kvmread". Does anyone know how I can get a handle on the list of IPC
IDs(semid, msgid, shmid) currently in use in the system??
        Thanks a lot for your help.


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I need to clean up after a process which tends to die leaving IPC structures
hanging about.  Currently I use "system" to run
"ipcs | grep $USERNAME | cut | ipcrm" to clean up the IPC structures for the
user.  What is the mechanism for obtaining all IPC structures for a given user
programatically?  (i.e.) How can I get a list of all message structures
created by a specific user so that I can delete them using "msgctl", "semctl",


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