Infor needed: NOS

Infor needed: NOS

Post by W. David » Sat, 09 Jul 1994 04:30:49

hi, Do you know where I can get a copy of the programming mannual on
NOS -- Networking Operating System by Phil Karn



1. Need Linux video card infor for PVR/With TV-out....

Hi All,

I've been reading and getting excited about trying to put together a
PVR on a linux box.  I saw the the Haupague cards were the most widely
used...then, before buying one...just happened to look at see that
there was no TV-out on most of their cards....

I'm assuming most people would want to watch their recorded tv shows
ON a tv rather than a monitor....or am I wrong here?

The only TV out on a Win-TV I've been able to find out about (their
website has no details on the cards)...was their PVR card...and as
I've been reading...isn't really supported. I can't tell if their
Win-TV Theater card has video out..... I'm having problems finding
other cards to use for this project.

Most sites on this subject (linux pvr) only list chipsets...and I
don't see that advertiesed much on the product's sites...or even on
their boxes. I would like some brand names...

So, need some help please.

For a linux PVR project, what card works the best...and has a TV-Out
so I can watch my recorded shows on my TV. Assuming this is possible?



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