Post by david.j.phel » Wed, 23 Dec 1992 00:27:06

Hello all,

I am a student studying for a degree in Real-time computing and I
have a project to do concerning Inter Process Communication under
the UNIX operating system. I am finding it difficult to find evaluative
information on this subject. In particular message passing, semaphores
and shared memory. The kind of information I need is the problems
associated with using them.

Could you please reply to my e-mail address at the end of this
mail, thanks.

I would be very grateful if anyone could be of help.

Thanks in advance,

David Phelps


1. Are UNIX IPC message queues bad?

Are UNIX IPC message queues bad?
I was about to implement a message-passing application
using the message queues, but was stopped short by very
negative opinions in two books "Advanced Unix Programming"
by Rochkind, and "Advanced Programming in UNIX" by Stevens.

Can anyone comment from experience?
Anil Philip

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