Job: Programmer Needed!

Job: Programmer Needed!

Post by Julie A. Lov » Wed, 12 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Pacific Bell Interactive Media, a subsidiary corporation of Pacific
Telesis, has an exciting mega Web site. At Hand, the 100% California Web
Site, was created specifically for California consumers. Delivering the
latest technology and Web functionality, At Hand features local, regional
and national content in the entertainment, automotive, home, outdoors,
recreation, personal finance, education and many other categories.

For a ground-floor opportunity as a Programmer in this dynamic new
organization, please send an ASCII version of your resume (no attachments

located in Pasadena, CA. AA/EOE

Design/program reports for high-volume www site.  Perform various tasks
to move HTTP logfile data into databases.  Design/program automation
for daily report execution. BS degree required, preferrably in Computer
Science.  1 year+ experience with the following:  MS Visual Basic, UNIX
(Solaris), SQL, ODBC, HTTP. Experience with Oracle a definite plus.


1. JOB EMPLOYMENT for Game Programmer, Utility Programmer for Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation

Looking for employment in the video-game industry? If so, and would like to
join a team of individuals creating the coolest games, drop me some e-mail.
If it doesn't interest you, though know of someone who is talented and
wants to get in this industry, were offering a $500 finders fee for people
we bring on board! The positions we have open are listed below.

Pixelplay Interactive Inc. develops video-games for the next generation
game consoles (Nintendo 64,Sony Playstation, etc.)

Game Programmer:
C, C++, Open GL, Assembly an asset. Will be responsible for programming on
next generation game console hardware (Nintendo 64, Sony PSX, etc.). An
Ability to learn new hardware extremely quick. A good understanding of the
latest 3-D geometry techniques (Z-Buffering, Clipping, UV's texture
mapping, etc.) Experience with game programming techniques, Audio,
Artificial Intelligence, etc. with the ability to combine these routines
together to form a game. Will be working on Silicon Graphics platforms.

Utility Programmer:
C, C++, Open GL and Motif a must. Will be working on API's for the latest
high end graphic software (Alias/Wavefront, Softimage, etc.). Will need a
strong understanding of 3-D geometry. Will program 3-D and Motion
translators and in-house development programs. Will be working on Silicon
Graphics and Alpha NT platforms.

The final requirement is, not only do you like to play games but you love
to make them! I would like to know which games you like to play.

All the best,

Stephen Shatford
Pixelplay Interactive Inc.

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