Help on socket problem

Help on socket problem

Post by Hugo B. Baak » Tue, 09 Jun 1998 04:00:00


I've got a question on TCP & Sockets:
We have a Unix server sending data to a Windows 3.11 client, using
When the client cancels the transfer before the normal end,
the server doesn't seem to notice directly.

'netstat' says the connection is in CLOSE_WAIT mode, with data pending
in the send buffer.
Only after 30 seconds or so, write() gets a 'broken pipe' error.

The same problem arises when during the transfer the client dies.
In this case netstat says the connection is still in ESTABLISHED mode,
and stays in this mode for about 4 minutes.

Platform Info:
Server: a Dec Alpha running Digital Unix v3.2G
Client: Windows 3.11, Visual Basic 4, using the Catalyst 2.15 (16bits)

Is there anything we could do to solve this problem?