Additional Information ----- Make File --- VPATH usage problem

Additional Information ----- Make File --- VPATH usage problem

Post by Gaur » Sun, 10 Nov 2002 00:15:14


sorry i forgot to add my makefile earlier

**************** makefile ******************
VPATH = gsl
objects = deletethis.o matrix.o vector_ops.o utility.o symm.o
deletethis : $(objects)
        g++ -Igsl -o deletethis $(objects)
deletethis.o: deletethis.cpp gsl_eigen.h matrix.h
        g++ -Igsl -c deletethis.cpp
matrix.o : matrix.cpp matrix.h vector_ops.h
        g++ -Igsl -c matrix.cpp
vector_ops.o : vector_ops.cpp vector_ops.h
        g++ -Igsl -c vector_ops.cpp
utility.o : utility.cpp utility.h
        g++ -Igsl -c utility.cpp
symm.o : symm.c  gsl_math.h gsl_vector.h gsl_matrix.h gsl_linalg.h
        g++ -Igsl -c symm.c

Am i doing something wrong in here. i have a subdirectory named gsl
with some of the header and .c files.

Here is the output of running makefile
g++ -Igsl -c deletethis.cpp
g++ -Igsl -c matrix.cpp
g++ -Igsl -c vector_ops.cpp
g++ -Igsl -c utility.cpp
g++ -Igsl -c symm.c
g++ -Igsl -o deletethis deletethis.o matrix.o vector_ops.o utility.o
deletethis.o(.text+0x1b1):deletethis.cpp: undefined reference to
deletethis.o(.text+0x1be):deletethis.cpp: undefined reference to
deletethis.o(.text+0x22f):deletethis.cpp: undefined reference to
symm.o(.text+0x807):symm.c: undefined reference to `gsl_error'
symm.o(.text+0x847):symm.c: undefined reference to `gsl_error'
symm.o(.text+0x89b):symm.c: undefined reference to `gsl_error'
symm.o(.text+0x8eb):symm.c: undefined reference to `gsl_error'
symm.o(.text+0x9f7):symm.c: undefined reference to `gsl_error'
symm.o(.text+0xa33):symm.c: more undefined references to `gsl_error'
symm.o(.text+0xab8):symm.c: undefined reference to
symm.o(.text+0xad0):symm.c: undefined reference to
symm.o(.text+0xae8):symm.c: undefined reference to
symm.o(.text+0xafb):symm.c: undefined reference to
symm.o(.text+0xb12):symm.c: undefined reference to
symm.o(.text+0xc54):symm.c: undefined reference to
symm.o(.text+0xc67):symm.c: undefined reference to `gsl_vector_memcpy'
symm.o(.text$gsl_vector_set+0x2a):symm.c: undefined reference to
symm.o(.text$gsl_matrix_get+0x2a):symm.c: undefined reference to
symm.o(.text$gsl_matrix_get+0x5e):symm.c: undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [deletethis] Error 1

All of the .c files compiles but linker spits out some error messages.
Where am i wrong ?



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Thank you ,

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