WTD program to print to attached ANSI

WTD program to print to attached ANSI

Post by Richard C. Gai » Fri, 12 May 1995 04:00:00

In the Pine3.91 package from the University of Washington there is a
feature that allows you to print your message to an attached ansi
printer.  This is extremely nice if you are dialed in from a modem.  I am
looking for a program that would take a file and dump it to the ansi
printer.  I realize that I could look through the pine code and come up
with one, but there is not enough time for that.  Does anyone know of a
program like this?  If so, where can I get it?

Please respond via eMail.

Rick Gaine


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Hello.  I'm relatively new to Unix, and have recently switched my mailer from
PINE 3.05 to Elm 2.4 PL21.  Something that I immensely liked on PINE is that
it was able to send mail messages directly to my desktop printer.  I am
connected to ULTRIX V4.3 (rev 44) by modem and am running under csh.  I'm not
sure if there's any other information I need to give, but I (and my system
administrator) are very interested in learning how to send print commands
over the phone lines to the desktop printer instead of the printers already
mounted to the unix.  Can anyone help?

Brian Samson

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