JOB EMPLOYMENT for Game Programmer, Utility Programmer for Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation

JOB EMPLOYMENT for Game Programmer, Utility Programmer for Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation

Post by Stephe » Wed, 25 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Looking for employment in the video-game industry? If so, and would like to
join a team of individuals creating the coolest games, drop me some e-mail.
If it doesn't interest you, though know of someone who is talented and
wants to get in this industry, were offering a $500 finders fee for people
we bring on board! The positions we have open are listed below.

Pixelplay Interactive Inc. develops video-games for the next generation
game consoles (Nintendo 64,Sony Playstation, etc.)

Game Programmer:
C, C++, Open GL, Assembly an asset. Will be responsible for programming on
next generation game console hardware (Nintendo 64, Sony PSX, etc.). An
Ability to learn new hardware extremely quick. A good understanding of the
latest 3-D geometry techniques (Z-Buffering, Clipping, UV's texture
mapping, etc.) Experience with game programming techniques, Audio,
Artificial Intelligence, etc. with the ability to combine these routines
together to form a game. Will be working on Silicon Graphics platforms.

Utility Programmer:
C, C++, Open GL and Motif a must. Will be working on API's for the latest
high end graphic software (Alias/Wavefront, Softimage, etc.). Will need a
strong understanding of 3-D geometry. Will program 3-D and Motion
translators and in-house development programs. Will be working on Silicon
Graphics and Alpha NT platforms.

The final requirement is, not only do you like to play games but you love
to make them! I would like to know which games you like to play.

All the best,

Stephen Shatford
Pixelplay Interactive Inc.




GlobalLink New Media, one of the nation's top web development firms, has
immediate openings to join our technical team.  With over 350 clients
worldwide, the opportunity to grow with a leading organization is

Technical Requirements (in order of importance):
1) ASP/VBScript or Perl
2) HTML (This is actually quite important)
3) SQL (SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, Oracle, or even MS Access)
4) Good knowledgeable of common coding algorithms

Bonus Skills:
5) UNIX or NT System Administration
6) Java, C/C++, or Visual Basic

Please contact Peter Kelley, Director of Operations, to learn more about
this exciting career opportunity.  

GlobalLink New Media is an equal opportunity employer.

Peter Kelley, Director of Operations

248.433.0900, ext. 244

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