Need AT&T Device Driver Manuals

Need AT&T Device Driver Manuals

Post by Will Est » Fri, 23 Apr 1993 05:04:49

I need to develop some device drivers for Interactive v3.2.  To my surprise,
Sun says it doesn't have any programmer's references for this!!?
They referred me to AT&T, and told me to look for a "thin book and
also a thick book."  (Slightly stunned that Sun doesn't know the
names of the only references it gives people for something as basic
as device support...!)

Can someone give me the names of the two manuals and approximate
prices?  If you have some for sale, please contact me by mail.



1. NEED Nvidia Geforce2 Chip Manual & Driver

I study programming device driver .
Nowadays being interested in graphic chip driver, I can't get
graphic chip manual & driver source code. ( Chip vendors don't provide them
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Please, let me know how to get them.

...and have a nice day.. :-)

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