Using X.25 for Digital UNIX Systems to accept X25 SVC connections

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Greetings, Miguel.

The questions of X.25 for linux comes back from time to time. There
DOES seam to demand for it.

I personnally see 3 possible applications-
- I've 'heard' somewhere that, in certain east-European countries-
X.25 is real cheap, and readily available. (Can somebody confirm/deny
 Any way, I think X.25 is still more available in 'developing
countries, than IP)

This would make X.25 a good means of transport for IP-connectivity in
those places.

- connectivity to international VANs like BT/MCI or infonet.

- X.25 seams to me a good starting-point towards frame-relais (as
means to connect to the internet).

Anyway, it would expand linux into the world of WAN. (where now it is
-with the exception of HAM- mainly LAN and/or  IP based)

Not as far as I know, but let's see what ther already is available:

OSI-layer 1:
Anybody know of drivers for X.25 cards.

OSI layer 2:
- For LAN-based X.25, LLC is already available. (althou minimal)
- For HDLC, I don't think anything is already available. (Althou,
AFAIK, HDLC is quite simular to LLC-2, correct me if I'm wrong)
- X.32 (dailup hdlc):is there a need for this?  (perhaps for tempory
connections to the internet - IP-over-X.25)

OSI layer 3:
- X.25 should have to be writen completely.

Althou, AX.25 already does exist. (I not quite sure, but AFAIK, ax.25
isn't al that different from x.25: the addressing is differrent and
ax.25 only uses a subset of HDLC and X.25, right?)

And, while we are at it, doe anybody know the possition of X.25
compaired to X.223 (OSI Connection Oriented Network Protocol)

- routing: althou application of X.25 routing is thinkable (e.g. when
using both ethernet/llc2 and HDLC), I doubt X.25-routing  is that

- upper OSI layers:

- at a german ftp-site (I forgot where), I've come across a package
for X3/X29 PAD (althou for sun).

- IP-encapsulation; I know there is rfc for multi-protocol
(IP/CLNP/SNAP) encapsulation in X.25 and ISDN (rfc-number 1300-and
odd, if I remember correctly). So I guess -somewhere- there is code

- further, the isode-tools: vtp, ftam, X.400, X.500 etc. (but, you
don't need X.25 for that, IP/rffc 1006 works also).

I would personaly like to assist in a X.25/linux project, but -before
that- I still have to come to get to grips with the internal
network-code of linux).

A document describing the general overview of the network-code would
be welcome (e.g. what's al this 'sk_buff' stuff, or 'where does the
data of a 'socket', 'connect' or  'write' enter the kernel

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne

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